Unlock Your Working Capital Potential with Our Supply Chain Finance Solution

Is your business facing financial challenges within your supply chain impacting your cash flow and growth potential?

At Liquiditas,
we offer a powerful solution to help you overcome these challenges and unlock new opportunities for success!

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One of the biggest challenges companies face today is maintaining healthy cash flow, especially within their supply chain. As payment practices have evolved, it’s become increasingly common for customers to offer 60-90 day payment terms, which can be challenging for suppliers who have already earned their money.

That’s where Supply Chain Finance comes in!
Supply Chain Finance is a liquidity tool where the buyer, through a collaboration with a financial partner, offers its suppliers an opportunity for early payment for their invoices if they need to quickly strengthen their liquidity. This helps to ensure that suppliers have the cash they need to fulfil orders and keep the supply chain moving smoothly, even if they work on longer payment terms.

At Liquiditas, we offer a powerful supply chain finance solution that helps businesses overcome financial challenges within their supply chain and unlock new opportunities for growth. Our digital platform streamlines the payment flow between buyers and suppliers, providing suppliers with access to liquidity, so that they can plan their liquidity and get paid exactly when they need it, regardless of their current payment terms.

So, we offer full liquidity comfort, enabled by our strong financial resources.

We invest our own funds and leverage a network of investors to support supply chain finance projects of any size, providing clients with the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals.

With our expertise and resources, we help businesses optimise their supply chain, improve cash flow, and unlock new growth opportunities!

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