Take Control of Your Cash Flow with the Liquiditas Supply Chain Finance Solution

Our Supply Chain Finance solution Liquiditas is a liquidity tool that offers buyers a way to collaborate with their suppliers and provide them with early payment options if they need to strengthen their liquidity quickly.

Our solution is designed to be flexible and easy to use, with a wide range of benefits, including improved cash flow, streamlined processes, strengthened relationships between buyers and suppliers, and more.

At Liquiditas, we engineer the liquidity solution that fits your supply chain needs best!
With our help, you can streamline your supply chain finances and focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your supply chain?

Supply Chain Finance at a glance in a few steps

The Liquiditas Route

One-time setup

The buyer signs an agreement and their ERP system gets connected to our platform. Once the process is set up, we reach out to all their suppliers.

Seamless supplier onboarding

We make it easy for suppliers to join our platform with a seamless onboarding process that minimises complexity. No obligations, only benefits.

Efficient flow of payments

That’s all. The suppliers are ready to start getting paid when they need it, with just a click of a button, enabling them to plan their liquidity and avoid unnecessary cash flow problems in the future.

Further Value-Ads for Your Supply Chain

Maximising values for all parties involved
Maximising value for all parties involved is the main cornerstone of Liquiditas Supply Chain Finance Solution. With our flexible payment options, buyers can improve their working capital management while still ensuring that their suppliers get paid when needed.
Cost savings
By providing reliable and flexible access to liquidity, both suppliers and buyers can benefit from reduced purchasing costs.
Strengthened Relationship
Liquiditas’ reliable liquidity option fosters trust and collaboration within the supply chain. This, in turn, leads to stronger and more productive relationships between buyers and suppliers.
Fuel the Business Growth and achieve long-term sustainability
With Liquditas we support businesses to unlock the capital they need to invest in new growth opportunities and achieve their expansion goals, driving them toward long-term sustainability and success.
Streamlined processes
Our Liquiditas solution leverages cutting-edge technology, to streamline processes, providing real-time data and analytics for faster and more reliable decision-making.

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