20 supply chain podcasts you need to know about

supply chain podcasts

Staying updated in the world of supply chain and logistics requires reliable sources of information. Podcasts have become an invaluable tool for professionals to gain insights from industry leaders, stay informed on trends, and explore innovative solutions.

With their convenience and accessibility, podcasts allow you to learn on the go, whether you’re commuting, working out, or taking a break. They feature interviews with top executives, discussions on emerging technologies, and analysis of global market shifts, making them a rich resource for continuous learning. Moreover, these business and supply chain podcasts often explore real-world case studies, offering practical advice and strategies that can be implemented in your own operations.

Here’s a roundup of some of the top podcasts that every supply chain and logistics professional should tune into to stay ahead of the curve.

Supply Chain Brain

The Supply Chain Brain podcast is a leading audio resource for professionals involved in supply chain management, offering insights and expertise from industry leaders and experts. This podcast delves into various aspects of supply chain operations, including logistics, procurement, and technology, providing listeners with practical advice and the latest trends. The podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to supply chain professionals, aiming to help them stay ahead in a constantly evolving field. With its focus on thought leadership and real-world solutions, the Supply Chain Brain podcast serves as an invaluable tool for those seeking to enhance their knowledge and efficiency in supply chain management.

Additionally, the Supply Chain Brain podcast is also covering the topic of supply chain finance. This area focuses on optimising the financial aspects of the supply chain, ensuring that companies can manage their working capital effectively while maintaining smooth operations. The podcast provides listeners with critical insights on how to balance financial stability with operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and agile supply chain.

LIBF Podcast

The LIBF Trade Finance Podcast is a specialised audio series dedicated to exploring the difficulties of trade finance, produced by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). This supply chain podcast serves as an educational platform for finance professionals, students, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of global trade and finance. Each episode features in-depth discussions with industry experts, covering topics such as trade credit, risk management, regulatory changes, and innovative financial instruments. The LIBF Trade Finance Podcast aims to provide listeners with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the ever-changing landscape of international trade finance.

A significant focus of the LIBF Trade Finance Podcast is on supply chain finance, a critical component in managing the financial flows within global supply chains. Episodes dedicated to this topic dive into various strategies and solutions that companies can implement to optimise their working capital and ensure liquidity throughout the supply chain. Discussions often include the benefits of different supply chain finance techniques, such as factoring, reverse factoring, and dynamic discounting, as well as the role of technology in streamlining these processes.

The Great Supply Chain Podcast by Tecsys

The Great Supply Chain Podcast by Tecsys is a thought-provoking audio series that dives deep into the dynamic world of supply chain management. Hosted by industry experts, the podcast explores a wide range of topics that are crucial to understanding and optimising supply chains, from warehouse management and logistics to innovative technologies and sustainability practices. Each episode features engaging conversations with supply chain professionals, offering listeners actionable insights and strategies that can help modern supply chains.

A key topic frequently discussed on The Great Supply Chain Podcast is supply chain finance. The podcast explores various supply chain finance solutions, highlighting how these strategies can help businesses manage working capital more effectively.

Accounting Podcast by PWC

The Accounting Podcast by PwC is a premier audio series that provides listeners with expert insights into the world of accounting and finance. Produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics relevant to accounting professionals, including regulatory updates, tax strategies, financial reporting, and emerging trends in the industry. Each episode features thorough discussions with PwC specialists and industry leaders, offering practical advice and innovative solutions to help listeners stay ahead in the ever-evolving accounting landscape.

The podcast also explores various facets of supply chain finance, such as trade finance, working capital optimisation, and risk mitigation. Discussions often focus on how companies can leverage supply chain finance solutions to enhance cash flow, reduce financial risk, and improve supplier relationships.

Supply Chain Shocks podcast by Kearney

The Supply Chain Shocks podcast by Kearney is a compelling audio series that covers the challenges and disruptions affecting global supply chains. Produced by the renowned management consulting firm Kearney, this podcast aims to provide listeners with a deep understanding of the factors causing supply chain shocks and the strategies to mitigate their impact. Each episode features insightful conversations that explore topics such as geopolitical risks, natural disasters, technological disruptions, and economic fluctuations. The Supply Chain Shocks podcast is designed to help supply chain professionals and business leaders overcome these uncertainties and build more resilient and adaptive supply chains.

London Fintech Podcast

The London Fintech Podcast is a captivating audio series that explores the vibrant and rapidly evolving world of financial technology. Centered in one of the world’s leading financial hubs, this supply chain podcast goes deep into the myriad innovations, opportunities, and creative endeavours defining the fintech landscape. All the episodes feature in-depth interviews with industry pioneers, thought leaders, and innovators, sharing their insights, stories, and inspirations. The London Fintech Podcast offers listeners a front-row seat to the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in fintech, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the future of finance and technology.

Supply chain finance, a critical area where fintech innovation is making significant strides is also a significant topic. The podcast explores how cutting-edge financial technologies are revolutionising supply chain finance, from blockchain solutions to AI-driven analytics and digital trade finance platforms.

Supply Chain Management Review

The Supply Chain Management Review podcast is an essential audio series for professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in supply chain management. Produced by the respected publication Supply Chain Management Review, this podcast features in-depth discussions with industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners. The episodes bring up a wide range of topics, including logistics, procurement, technology, and best practices in supply chain operations. The supply chain podcast aims to provide listeners with actionable insights and practical advice to enhance their supply chain efficiency, resilience, and overall performance.

A key focus area of the Supply Chain Management Review podcast is supply chain finance, a critical component for maintaining financial health and operational fluidity within supply chains. The podcast delves into various supply chain finance strategies, such as dynamic discounting, trade finance, and working capital management. By exploring real-world examples and innovative financial solutions, the podcast highlights how companies can optimise their cash flow, reduce risk, and strengthen relationships with suppliers. Through its coverage of supply chain finance, the Supply Chain Management Review podcast equips listeners with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate financial challenges and support sustainable growth in their supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Now

Supply Chain Now is a leading multimedia platform that offers comprehensive coverage of supply chain management, logistics, and related industries. Through its array of podcasts, webinars, videos, and live events, Supply Chain Now provides valuable insights, expert opinions, and the latest news to supply chain professionals worldwide. The platform features interviews with industry leaders, discussions on emerging trends, and practical advice on best practices, aiming to educate and inspire its audience. Supply Chain Now serves as a vital resource for those looking to stay informed and ahead in the dynamic field of supply chain, supply chain management and supply chain finance.

Adventures in Supply Chain

“Adventures in Supply Chain” is a podcast hosted by Marcia Williams, an experienced supply chain consultant, speaker, and author. The podcast focuses on the transformations and challenges in the supply chain industry, featuring real stories from professionals who have led significant changes in the field. Each episode aims to provide insights, actionable advice, and inspiration for those involved or interested in supply chain management.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including data and technology in supply chain, cost-saving strategies, and the impact of recent global events on supply chain operations. Notable series within the podcast include the “Data and Tech in Supply Chain” and the “Coronavirus and Supply Chain” series, which address current issues and trends in the industry.

Episodes typically feature interviews with experts and industry leaders who share their experiences and insights. For example, discussions have included the importance of data in supply chain management, strategies for reducing costs in last-mile delivery, and the role of technology in optimising supply chain processes. The podcast also offers educational content on financial aspects relevant to supply chain professionals, such as understanding cash flow, profit and loss statements, and the balance sheet.

Listeners can find the podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, and the USM Supply Chain website​​.

Supply chain revolution

The “Supply Chain Revolution” podcast, hosted by Sheri Hinish, also known as the Supply Chain Queen, focuses on the latest trends and innovations in sustainability, circular economy, and supply chain management. Sheri Hinish is a renowned sustainability consultant and digital transformation expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podcast. Each episode features interviews with a wide range of supply chain professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, providing insights into how these industries are evolving.

The podcast covers diverse topics, including digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, supply chain finance, and robotics. It aims to challenge the status quo and encourage innovative thinking to solve complex supply chain problems. Some episodes explore the impact of AI on creating circular supply chains, sustainable marketing practices, and how to build trust to drive sustainability initiatives.

Listeners can expect thought-provoking discussions on how to integrate sustainability into business practices, the importance of diversity in supply chains, and the role of technology in shaping the future of supply chain management. The podcast has been featured in various publications and is recognised as a valuable resource for professionals looking to stay ahead of industry trends and improve their supply chain practices.


The “Containers” podcast is an 8-part audio documentary hosted by Alexis Madrigal. It explores how global trade, specifically through the lens of container shipping, has transformed the global economy and our everyday lives. The podcast takes listeners through the world of ships, sailors, technology, tugboats, warehouses, and cranes. It provides a deep and insightful look into the complexities and mechanics of modern capitalism and globalisation.

Key topics include the historical impact of container shipping on global trade, the intricacies of port operations, the lives of those working within the shipping industry, and the broader implications of global logistics. Episodes such as “Welcome to Global Capitalism” and “The Ships, The Tugs, and the Port” dives deep into specific aspects of the shipping world, from the economic transformations spurred by containerisation to the personal stories of those who operate within this industry.

The podcast has been praised for its thorough research and engaging storytelling, making complex economic concepts accessible and compelling. It’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the backbone of global trade and its far-reaching impacts.

Talking Logistics

“Talking Logistics” is a podcast hosted by Adrian Gonzalez, a well-known industry analyst with over 24 years of research experience in supply chain and logistics. The podcast, which started in February 2015, features interviews with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry. Each episode discusses emerging trends, technologies, and services within the field.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to logistics and supply chain professionals, including labour shortages, pricing optimisation, intermodal transportation, and risk mitigation strategies. Recent episodes include discussions on preventing transportation management systems from becoming shock absorbers, AI enablement for pricing optimisation, and navigating the intermodal transportation market.

“Talking Logistics” is recognised for its insightful and practical content, making complex logistics issues accessible to a broad audience. The podcast is available on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Podchaser, and typically releases new episodes weekly, with an average episode length of around 31 minutes.

Let’s Talk Supply Chain

“Let’s Talk Supply Chain” is a popular podcast hosted by Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, an experienced entrepreneur and influencer in the supply chain industry. The podcast aims to provide insights into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations within the supply chain sector. Sarah is known for her engaging and energetic style, which helps make complex topics accessible and interesting for listeners.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including supply chain technology, logistics, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and leadership. It features interviews with top supply chain professionals, thought leaders, and innovators who share their experiences and insights. Some of the recent episodes include discussions on cross-border e-commerce, women in supply chain, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

In addition to the main podcast, Barnes-Humphrey has also developed several mini-series and special editions, such as “Women in Supply Chain” and “Blended,” which focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry. The podcast is available on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Let’s Talk Supply Chain​​.

Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights

“Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights” is a podcast hosted by Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insights. The podcast is designed to provide independent, actionable, and objective advice for supply chain leaders, with a strong focus on research-based insights and trends in the industry.

Each episode examines various aspects of supply chain management, including emerging technologies, new studies, and their implications for corporate performance. The podcast aims to encourage and enable industry leaders to effect change by exploring how different factors shape decision-making in supply chains.

Episodes typically range from short five-minute segments to more in-depth discussions lasting 15-20 minutes, often spread out over multiple episodes for complex topics. Some recent discussions have included themes such as the impact of SAP HANA migration strategies, the role of outside-in processes, and various supply chain planning and analytics topics.

The podcast is widely recognised for its thorough and insightful content, making it a valuable resource for supply chain professionals looking to stay updated on the latest industry trends and technologies​.

Inbound Logistics

The “Inbound Logistics Podcast: Supply Chain Reactions” is a valuable resource for professionals in the logistics and supply chain industry. Hosted by Jeff Berman, the podcast covers a wide array of topics related to third-party logistics, supply chain management, transportation, and education. Each episode features in-depth conversations with industry experts and leaders who share their insights and experiences on current trends and challenges.

Recent episodes have addressed topics such as digital drayage, blockchain, artificial intelligence in logistics, and the role of propane as a fuel in the future. For instance, a recent episode featured Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express US, discussing the optimistic outlook for the holiday season despite global trade challenges and inflation. Another episode explored the complexities and risks of supply chain insurance with experts from the Falvey Insurance Group.

The podcast is known for its informative and straightforward approach and accessible content. Episodes are typically around 20-30 minutes long, providing concise and actionable insights that professionals can apply to their operations.

TECHquila Sunrise

“TECHquila Sunrise” is a podcast that dives into the world of supply chain technology and its impact on business. Hosted by Greg White, an experienced founder, leader, advisor, and investor in supply chain tech companies, the podcast aims to provide insights into accelerating success and growing from startup to industry leader.

The podcast covers various topics, including supply chain visibility, the startup environment, venture capital investments, and interviews with industry experts. Episodes often feature discussions with leaders in the field, such as Shannon Vaillancourt, CEO of RateLinx, and Kevin L. Jackson, a recognised thought leader in cloud computing.

Greg White uses his extensive experience to break down complex concepts and provide practical advice for both new and established companies in the supply chain technology space. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of supply chain tech innovation and investment strategies.


The “CSCMPodcast: Supply Chain Conversation” is the official podcast of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). It aims to connect, develop, and educate supply chain professionals globally. Each episode features discussions with industry leaders, providing insights into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations across various aspects of supply chain management.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including the annual State of Logistics Report, digital supply chain transformation, and the integration of new technologies like electronic bills of lading. Notable episodes include interviews with key figures such as Mark Baxa, the new President and CEO of CSCMP, and Erin Van Zeeland, a senior executive at Schneider, who discusses her experiences as a woman in the transportation industry.

Listeners can expect in-depth analyses and actionable insights, making it a valuable resource for anyone involved in supply chain management. The episodes are typically around 20-30 minutes long and are available on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the CSCMPodcast website​​.

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast

The “Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics” podcast is hosted by Radu Palamariu, a recognised thought leader in the industry. The show covers a wide range of topics, including cutting-edge technologies, leadership stories, and personal success habits of industry leaders.

Each episode features interviews with top professionals from various sectors, offering insights into their strategies and experiences. Recent episodes have discussed topics such as building a logistics unicorn in India, the role of diversity and inclusion in the pharma supply chain, and sustainable initiatives in large corporations like Conagra Brands.

Radu Palamariu’s approach is to get inside the minds of these leaders, providing listeners with actionable insights and inspiration to apply in their own careers. The podcast is highly regarded for its quality content and engaging discussions, making it a must-listen for anyone in the supply chain and logistics field.

You can listen to the podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Podomatic​.

FreightWaves Podcasts

FreightWaves Podcasts, also known as FreightCasts, offer a comprehensive collection of shows that examines various aspects of the freight and logistics industry. Here are some key highlights:

What the Truck?!? – Hosted by Timothy Dooner and Chad Prevost, this award-winning podcast breaks down the biggest stories in transportation and logistics. It features interviews with industry leaders, truckers, and influencers, providing insights into the people and stories behind freight movements.

Put That Coffee Down – This show focuses on freight sales and marketing, offering tips and strategies for professionals looking to improve their approach. Hosted by Dooner and Kevin Hill, it covers topics like social selling, pipelines, and market trends.

FreightWaves Insiders – An inside look at the careers and stories of individuals in the freight industry. Dooner hosts this series, which dives into the personal journeys and brand stories of key industry players.

Freightonomics – This podcast merges freight market insights with economic analysis. Hosted by Anthony Smith and Zach Strickland, it helps listeners understand how economic trends impact freight and logistics.

Great Quarter, Guys – A data-driven podcast that covers the state of freight. The FreightWaves FreightIntel Research Team, including Kevin Hill and Andrew Cox, breaks down the numbers and surveys that drive decisions in the freight market.

These podcasts are available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and directly on the FreightWaves website​​.

Logistics Matters with DC Velocity

“Logistics Matters with DC Velocity” is a podcast that offers weekly updates on supply chain news, logistics, material handling, etc. Hosted by the editorial team of DC Velocity, including Dave Maloney, Ben Ames, and Victoria Kickham, the podcast features discussions on the latest industry trends, challenges, and innovations.

Each episode typically includes interviews with industry experts who share their insights and experiences. Recent episodes have covered a variety of topics such as sustainable supply chains, the impact of automation on retail logistics, and the evolving landscape of last-mile delivery. The podcast also goes deep into current events affecting the logistics industry, such as the collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore and its implications for supply chains, and emerging technologies like drones for middle-mile freight movement.

Listeners can access the podcast on multiple platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Deezer. New episodes are released every Friday, making it a valuable resource for staying updated on the fast-paced logistics industry.