Supply chain finance conferences, conventions, and events in 2024

supply chain conferences

Attending conferences and events dedicated to supply chain finance is an important step for professionals aiming to stay at the forefront of industry developments. These gatherings serve as a critical platform for learning, networking, and discovery. They offer attendees the opportunity to:

Professional Growth: Conferences provide a concentrated dose of industry knowledge and expertise, featuring workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. This exposure to new ideas and practices can inspire innovation and improve strategic thinking.

Networking: These events bring together a diverse group of professionals, from industry leaders to innovators, creating a unique environment for building connections. Networking can open doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends: Supply chain finance is a dynamic field influenced by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and macroeconomic factors. Conferences and events offer insights into the latest trends and future directions, enabling attendees to anticipate shifts in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Supply chain finance has become an integral part of today’s global economy, offering a suite of solutions that enhance working capital efficiency, reduce risk, and improve end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. This financial discipline enables businesses to optimise their cash flow by allowing buyers to extend their payment terms to their suppliers while providing the option for suppliers to get paid earlier.

In today’s rapid globalisation, volatile markets, and complex supply chain networks, supply chain finance helps firms navigate financial complexities, mitigate risks associated with international trade, and strengthen relationships with their trade partners. It acts as a financial buffer, ensuring stability in the supply chain by protecting against disruptions and enhancing the financial resilience of businesses. This is particularly crucial in a landscape where delayed payments or financial instability of one link in the chain can have cascading effects throughout the entire network.

For professionals involved in supply chain management, finance, and operations, participating in supply chain finance conferences and events in 2024 is essential. It not only signifies a commitment to continuous learning and improvement but also positions them to better navigate the complexities of the global economy. Engaging with the community through these events facilitates the sharing of best practices, challenges, and solutions, fostering a more resilient and efficient supply chain ecosystem.

Below is a list of conferences that tackle the topic of supply chain finance as well as other related fields in the world of finance and fintechs.

9th European Factoring Summit

Dates: 21-22 March 2024

Location: Vienna, Austria

Hosts: The EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance and FCI

The 9th EUF & FCI European Factoring Summit brings together more than 98% of Europe’s market participants in an unparalleled networking event for industry leaders. This summit presents a unique chance to engage with critical issues relevant to the Factoring Industry. The agenda is designed to cover the most recent developments and highlight the significant role of the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry across Europe. The conference will cover topics ranging from supply chain, factoring, receivables, etc.

Topics covered during the Summit will include:

  • Factoring industry in Europe in 2023
  • Factoring in Austria
  • Advocacy issues from EUF PRC and legal Committees
  • Digital evolution in the factoring industry
  • Factoring for Sustainable Development
  • Late Payment Regulations
  • Vision from senior executives on the future

Register here:

IFGS 2024

Dates: 15 and 16 April 2024

Location: Guildhall, London, United Kingdom

The IFGS 2024 will gather a diverse group including innovators, institutions, regulators, policy-makers, startups, and investors, all converging for two days of insightful discussion. The agenda is set to highlight the global fintech ecosystem, emphasising the crucial aspects that are advancing, empowering, and ensuring fintech and financial services contribute to economic growth, sustainability, and a financial system that serves everyone.

Key Topics for 2024:

  • The Next Decade of FS and Innovation: What Lies Ahead
  • FinTech Beyond FS Borders: How FinTech is Impacting other Industries and Sectors
  • UK and the World: Keeping our Crown while Learning from Others
  • Transformative Technologies: Opportunities and Risks
  • Users of Tomorrow: The Next Generation of Consumers
  • The Shifting Ecosystem: Who Will Lead?

Trade & Investment Forum 2024

Date: 16 April 2024

Location: SMBC Bank International, London

The second annual Trade and Investment Forum, organised by BCR in collaboration with ITFA, will cover a number of topics, including how the industry is currently communicating with investors, whether the Electronic Trade Documents Act, which was passed last year, has had any effect in making trade finance a desirable asset class, and how technology has changed how institutional and private investors view trade finance. It will also examine current and upcoming efforts to create a much larger market for trade assets with the goal of bridging the trade finance gap.

It will be a great place to meet with insurers, asset managers, fund managers, fintechs, trade finance banks, and everyone interested in alternative investments with risk/return profiles that complement trade finance portfolios.

International Factoring Association Annual Conference 2024

Date: 01 May 2024

Location: Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, FL

The International Factoring Association (IFA) is dedicated to providing the Factoring community with state-of-the-art resources, comprehensive training, significant procurement benefits, and a central repository of knowledge and support.

The 30th Annual Factoring Conference, hosted by the International Factoring Association, is set to take place from May 1 to 3, 2024, at the opulent Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida. This event stands as the world’s largest exclusive gathering for banks and financial institutions specialising in Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing, marking a pivotal moment for finance innovation.

ACT Annual Conference 2024

Dates: 21-22 May 2024

Location: ACC Liverpool, United Kingdom

ACC Liverpool will host the ACT Annual Conference once more on May 21–22, 2024. Treasurers need to be ready for whatever difficulty comes their way because crises are the new normal in today’s environment. The complicated environment that treasurers work in will be examined at the ACT Annual Conference, along with the resources that will enable them to prosper in an unpredictable world.

Through a combination of keynote speeches, strategic stages, and hands-on treasury labs, discover solutions to the problems that treasurers and their teams are now confronting. Treasurers attending the conference will receive vital updates, have the opportunity to hear from industry experts reshaping the business landscape, and develop strategies and resilience to effectively manage risks.

RFIx 2024

Dates: 22-23 May 2024

Location: Clifford Chance, London, United Kingdom

Hosted by BCR, the 2024 Receivables Finance International Convention is set to draw key international figures to London for a two-day event filled with networking opportunities, thought leadership presentations, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Now in its 24th iteration, it stands as a pivotal annual gathering for firms aiming to tackle operational and strategic challenges as well as uncover new business opportunities.

FCI’s 56th Annual Meeting

Dates: 9-13 June 2024

Location: Seoul, South Korea

The Annual Meeting presents an excellent chance for networking and engaging in discussions on contemporary topics in the Factoring and Receivables Finance Industry. It will showcase enlightening talks by international trailblazers in the industry, detailed panel debates on various subjects by top professionals, and updates on global and regional statistics. Furthermore, the Meeting is renowned for its abundant networking opportunities, with Seoul offering a scenic setting for these sessions alongside offering spectacular sightseeing options.

GTR UK 2024

Date: June 20, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom

Global Trade Review is the UK’s leading event for global trade. After welcoming almost 600 industry professionals in 2023, this year GTR UK conference will once again present a much-anticipated chance to network with important figures and businesses from the UK’s supply chain, fintech, trade, and export industries.

With the backing of prominent trade and financial organisations, the comprehensive program featuring more than fifty proficient speakers will offer delegates an unparalleled viewpoint. Additionally, the exhibition area will offer a priceless chance to establish connections and network with prominent figures in the industry, colleagues, and prospective customers.

Key event features:

  • 30+ exhibitors
  • 5+ hours of networking opportunities with key stakeholders in the industry
  • Unparalleled expertise from 70+ speakers active in the market
  • Exceptional content on topics and regions covered
  • Opportunity to schedule meetings & swap business cards
  • Evening drinks reception

SFNet’s Cross-Border & Supply Chain Finance Summit 2024

Date: 19 September 2024

Location: New York, NY, US

For the eleventh consecutive year, SFNet’s Cross-Border & Supply Chain Finance Summit is a conference that will feature relevant and stimulating panel discussions aimed at addressing the challenges asset-based lenders face with cross-border deals. In 2024, the conference will be enhanced by the inclusion of Supply Chain Finance experts, who will share their expertise and offer practical solutions in this rapidly growing market.

More details about the conference will be disclosed in the summer of 2024.

EuroFinance International Treasury Management

Dates: 2-4 October 2024

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

The world’s largest and most influential treasury event the EuroFinance International Treasury Management is taking place this year in Copenhagen. The current global landscape introduces a myriad of complexities and uncertainties, presenting treasurers with a diverse set of challenges. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from specialists in politics, finance, and technology, along with treasury leaders from leading multinational corporations, on how to navigate and support their businesses through turbulent times strategically.

The Working Capital Forum Europe 2024

Date: 5 November 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Working Capital Forum Europe is the ultimate conference for those seeking to enhance liquidity within their organisations. Taking place in Amsterdam, the event offers attendees the opportunity to learn from corporations that have effectively utilised working capital tools, including receivables and payables finance, dynamic discounting, inventory management, cash visibility, and forecasting. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with banks and fintech companies whose solutions are at the forefront of success in this area.

Featuring main-stage presentations and small-group workshops, the forum provides a wide range of sessions from which to choose. With over 350 working capital leaders in attendance, the forum stands as an unparalleled venue for networking and gaining insights from industry experts.

GTR Nordics 2024 Stockholm

Date: 27 November 2024

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Following a landmark attendance with more than 580 participants at its 15th anniversary, the GTR Nordics annual conference is set to reconvene in Stockholm on November 27. This event will once again delve into the pressing challenges confronting the region’s traders and their financial partners.

The conference will offer a wealth of high-level insights, with over 50 industry experts participating in comprehensive panel discussions. This conference aim to shed light on the principal opportunities and difficulties affecting Nordic trade, exports, and supply chains.

The 2024 conference will assemble a diverse group of professionals, including corporates, financiers, risk management specialists, government and development bodies, and technological innovators from the broader trade, export, and supply chain finance sphere. This edition promises an array of unmatched networking opportunities throughout the event.